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Our clients


Top quality plinths

A plinth, a pedestal, a pillar, a base or a stand is seems rather simple. But even after 10 years of experience we continue to increase our quality and expertise. For example take our MDF plinths; these are made with mitred corners and glued with industrial glue, in that way no seems are visible. After that the plinths are smoothly spray painted with high grade water based paint.

Our solid Oakwood plinths are only cut in a right angle after a full drying process and after that shaved and sanded. Because of that these plinths are straight away ready to be displayed at your house or business.

With every plinth in our product line we strive to offer the best available quality.

Extensive range of products

For product presentations, exhibitions, fairs, art displays or the interior design of your house of business for every occasion we offer a suitable display plinth. We offer sleek natural stone, reclaimed wood, ultra light cardboard or a rugged mooring post. On our website you can view our standard products, but many customers indicate their very specific requirements: for instance a business ordered a plinth to be used as a letterbox for a competition and a museum required a protective cover  for precious paintings.



Plinths Plus

Our clients continue to seek us out for plinths with various features. A MDF plinth with a protective cover and LED lighting will guarantee that your products at an exhibition or in a jewellery shop will receive extra attention in the spotlight. The tablet plinth will help your clients to receive more information regarding your product or service. The cabinet plinth ensures that your space will be used efficiently, for instance for storing valuable objects or extra promotional materials.

Careful and swift shipments

Besides a perfect product we take care with our ways of shipping our products so we ensure that your plinth arrives undamaged. For delicate plinths (such as glass) we fabricate a bespoke crate, in our standard shipping boxes we place protective foam and heavier plinths will always be shipped by us secured on a pallet.



Solits International

Solits was established in 2004 in The Netherlands. At this moment we have offices in Germany (Stuttgart), France (Paris) and the United Kingdom (London). We have excellent relationships with shipping companies that are able to deliver quickly and securely around the globe.


Our rule at Solits is: Our promise matters and any issues we will solve accordingly. We work with a reliable professional team of which some have been part of our company since its establishment in 2004. We work with reliable and loyal suppliers and shipment companies.  In The Netherlands we received the Homeshopping Guarantee Certificate which ensures a secure payment system.  

We are a family business with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing, designing, developing and selling plinths, pedestals and displays. Within that period we have established ourselves to be a reliable partner and supplier to our local and international clients.