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Frequently Asked Questions

Which material is suitable for an outdoor plinth?

We have a special type of acryl (white or black) in our range, which is excellent for making outdoor plinths. We also have a number of natural stone types in our range for outdoor use. You can view the properties of a product by choosing one of the standard sizes of this product on our website. This includes information about the suitability for outdoor use for a specific plinth.

I would like to have one or more holes made in my plinth. Can you also take care of this for me?

We can easily make holes in a plinth, regardless of the material chosen. We need to receive the exact measurements and the position of the holes from you. Different prices apply per plinth because different techniques are required for each material. Ask us about the possibilities when ordering your plinth.

I have a work of art that I would like to have placed on a plinth. Can you also take care of this for me and how does this work?

We do not provide installation services per se. We can help by drilling holes in the surface of the plinth or installing a metallic rod for mounting a sculpture, but the actual mounting would need to be done by you or a third party.

I intend to order an MDF plinth in colour, but where should I note down the colour code when I order?

When ordering a "Solits plinth colour" you can easily choose the desired RAL code from the drop-down menu of the "colour" field.

Can I pick my order up instead of having it delivered?

It may be possible, but please, contact us first, since our warehouses may not be in your immediate vicinity.

Can you also mount adjustable feet under the plinth?

Yes, we offer this option. You can easily order it via the website.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having any difficulty finding it.

I would like to order an MDF plinth, but I would like to have it made heavier. Is that possible?

Yes, we offer this option. You will find this product under our "accessories" category.

Can you also mount wheels under a plinth?

This is possible with almost all of our wooden plinths. However, we only recommend this from a length/width of 30 cm/30 cm, due to stability issues. 

Can I use my right of withdrawal after my purchase?

Yes, you can inform us about this by sending an email to us. Please, state your customer number and/or order number in this email. If you make this decision before receiving the ordered items, we would like to receive your email as soon as possible. For details regarding the right of withdrawal, please refer to our terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

Is there a warranty on the products I am buying?

We have a standard warranty of 6 months on all our products. However, in practice, we like to strive for the best quality. If products clearly show defects outside the warranty period, we will deliver a replacement product in most cases. The warranty often applies without prejudice to the legal rights regarding warranty and conformity that the private customer can always invoke.

What is the lead time of a product?

The lead time of a product is stated on our website right under the article name. All delivery times are quoted in working days. 1-3 means that when you order the relevant item, you will receive it within 1 to 3 working days.

I would like to order several plinths. What shipping costs do I have to pay?

We determine the shipping costs based on your specific order. Factors like the total weight play a role, but the actual size and the material your order is made of are important as well when determining the shipping method and price. Under Service – Delivery you can find the weight classes associated with shipping costs. This information is indicative and is meant to provide an idea, not the final calculation. For an exact calculation of your specific shipping cost please, contact us by email please

What weight can a plinth carry?

The weight you can place on a plinth depends entirely on the material of the plinth and the shape of the object you want to place on it. We usually state the carrying weight of the relevant material under the product specifications. If desired, we can reinforce many of our different models for you if the object you want to place on it requires this.