Glass Display Case, bespoke


For luxurious protection of your product opt for a glass display case. Other customers have chosen this option to protect their product against dust or impact, or simply to add a touch of luxury to their retail display.

We manufacture our glass display cases from extra clear Optiwhite glass. It guarantees that you will not see any greenish glow or green edges, so typical for glass hoods. Being an extra clear glass type, Optiwhite will enhance the high-end quality of your display.

The seam work on this piece is at a museum quality level - an extra high quality bonding using the UV glue. This glue makes the bonding super strong and crystal clear. The edges are tightly honed and finished with a small facet, so no sharp corners remain. These glass hoods are made of 6 mm untempered glass. They can also be manufactured for you from tempered (safety) glass. In this case a difference in rates and lead times needs to be taken into consideration.

What do we do differently? If you order both a plinth and a display case with us, we will also offer you a complimentary top plate of the same color as the plinth. It ensures that your glass display box fits seamlessly and is properly secured. Please, note that the inner size of the box is smaller than the outer size. The inner height can be calculated as follows: the outer height minus the thickness of the top plate, and then also minus the thickness of the glass hood itself.

In case you opt for a larger bespoke display case, we will use 8mm thick glass for extra safety and security.

Do you want a door in your bespoke display case? Or do you perhaps want it to have a lock attaching it to the plinth? Contact us at regarding all possible combinations.

More details

typesUV epoxied
hollow / massivehollow
usageOnly suitable for indoor use
sizeall dimensions
maximum weight25kg

33-36 working day(s)

£ 0.00 excl. VAT

Delivery times may vary due to the Corona crisis, we appreciate your understanding.
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2 5% Up to £ 0.00
4 10% Up to £ 0.00
6 12.5% Up to £ 0.00
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