Plinths and Pedestals

We have over ten years’ experience supplying top quality, hand crafted Display Plinths and Sculpture Pedestals to sculptors, interior designers, florists, artists, shops, galleries, museums, offices and for exhibitions around the UK. Recent clients include Harrods, Oakley, Earl’s Court exhibition centre, Bonham’s Auctioneers and Sotheby’s in London. Our Plinths and Pedestals have been used at Art Fairs all over the UK. Browse our Gallery to see photographs of items we have crafted for homes, galleries and exhibition stands and to get inspiration for your project.

Our superb quality Exhibition Plinths, Sculpture Stands and Wooden Plinths are a perfect means of making a focal point of a sculpture, antique or floral display in your home, art gallery, shop window, at a florists, at a wedding or in fact, any interior. We have now extended our range to include display pedestals in various materials including MDF, teak, wood and mirror finishes making them ideal for art galleries, events, exhibition stands and interior design projects where something special is required.

Bespoke Sculpture Plinths UK

We’ve added a collection of beautifully crafted Wooden Plinths and Display Pedestals to our range with designs in dark Walnut wood veneer, mahogany, ash and Oak. These Wooden display pedestals are ideal for a home or office, and work well in practically any interior.

Our Display Plinths & Pedestals are:

  • Professionally hand-crafted here in the UK.
  • Designed to be stable and safe.
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes, materials & designs.
  • Seamless, with a wipe-clean white satin finish.
  • Constructed from sturdy 12mm thick MDF
  • Museum quality.
  • Easy to touch up or repaint.
  • Available in custom colours.
  • We keep good stocks to allow Swift Delivery.
  • Plus we offer FREE UK DELIVERY on standard Items.

Bespoke Art Pedestals, Bonhams, London UK

Above: A recently completed project to build 18 bespoke plinths for a charity auction at Bonhams, London

We Produce Bespoke Plinths. Please contact us with your requirements.

Recent clients include:
  • Bonham's Auction House
  • Oakley Sunglasses
  • Harrods, London
  • Chelsea Football Club
  • Central Saint Martins
  • The London Institute of Art
  • The V&A Museum, London

Uses for our Plinths & Pedestals:

  • Artists and galleries use our display plinths for the display of sculpture, ceramics, jewellery and a variety of other artworks
  • Museums find our purpose-made art plinths and cylindrical columns ideal for exhibiting a variety of projects and displays
  • Florists use plinths and pedestals for displaying flower arrangements at weddings, events and in their shops
  • Exhibition contractors make good use of our art plinths and sculpture pedestals in shows and exhibitions all over the UK.
  • Shops use our display plinths and sculpture pedestals for the display of a wide range of products and merchandise and window dressing.
  • Interior Designers: We work alongside many of the UK's leading designers to create plinths for specific projects in bespoke sizes and colours.
  • Your home: Our display plinths and sculpture pedestals are also suitable for home use and can be used for anything from display antiques and artworks to speaker stands - remember, they can be any colour, you are not limited to white.

 Display Pedestals

Wood Pedestals

   Exhibition Plinths

Browse our extensive range of designs to find the ideal plinth or pedestal for your interior or visit our gallery of photographs featuring bespoke projects for inspiration.


We Offer FREE UK Mainland Delivery on standard plinths & pedestals.