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Wall Display Amsterdam, 80 x 10 x 60 cm

Wall Display Amsterdam, 80 x 10 x 60 cm

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Are you looking for a stylish way to present something on the wall? Would you like to protect your artwork or to draw extra attention to the product that is presented on the wall? We have had so much demand for a wall display recently that we had to come up with a solution for this. Our product development team has created a number of wall display versions, which are suitable for various purposes and cater to different tastes. We manufacture different types of MDF bases and, if desired, add a suitable acrylic display case. Our wall displays have a built-in hanging system that allows you to easily hang them. We have our own workshop, where our furniture makers and Plexiglass experts can quickly customize wall displays for our clients, allowing them to present their product or artwork inside a museum quality display.

Wall Display Amsterdam
We regularly make this model for customers who want to protect their painting extra well. We make the back plate in any desired RAL color and then make a suitable display case, with or without a lock. It is a perfect solution to protect paintings against touch and theft.

Product Specifications:

- Dimensions: 80 x 10 x 60 cm (w x d x h)

- Back plate made of 18 mm MDF

- Spray-painted in RAL 9010

- Plexiglass display case, 4 mm thick

- Incl. hanging system

- Inc. screws for attaching the acrylic hood to the back plate


- Glass display case instead of acrylic

- Back plate in a different color or size


- Only suitable for indoor use


- Available in any desired size on request