Adding Stability Weights


We will fit an extra plate with weight attached to it inside the plinth. This solution provides your display with more stability. This plate is placed approximately 5 cm from the floor, so that there still remains a bit of hollow space at the bottom of your pedestal.

How much weight is added depends on the dimensions of the plinth and therefore varies. For example, the weight addition for a plinth of up to 25 x 25 cm (w x l) will be around 3 kg, while for a plinth of 35 x 35 cm (w x l) and above, the weight addition will be approx. 10 kg.

More details

This item will be shipped on a pallet, due to its weight or because it is fragile. Therefore we will apply our transport tariff of >25kg
Product weight: 5  kg

4-6 working day(s)

£ 36.94 excl. VAT
(£ 44.70 incl. VAT)

Delivery times may vary due to the Corona crisis, we appreciate your understanding.