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Mix & Match with our online configurator

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The Idea

We randomly happened to come across a watch website that had a tool allowing the customers to see what the watch would look like with a different strap or another dial. It immediately looked like a great idea for our product range too. We wanted our customers to be able to easily visualize the effect of different choices they could make on our website. We thought it would be so cool to allow you to play with the choice of material, lighting, shape, size, adding a glass or an acrylic display case, switching from option to another option seamlessly and seeing your ideal product in front of you in a matter of minutes.

As the case is with so many great ideas, it was easier said than done. We had this idea more than two years (!) ago, and we liked it so much that we took action immediately.

Our ICT professionals launched “Project Configurator” with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. However, it soon became very clear that we are talking about thousands of combinations to be made, considering all the variables possible.

We are all used to super-fast internet nowadays, so our ambition and our challenge was for the customer to see the image change the moment an option is clicked upon, as well as give you an idea of the price. It was a lot more difficult task than we could potentially imagine, but this did not stop us for a single moment.

Together with the configurator project we were also busy giving our website a more modern, fresher look. When the configurator was almost finished, our other project “Website Update” was also completed, but bringing them together created a major glitch. We had to go all the way back to the drawing boards to have both systems eventually reconnected. The configurator has now been online for a while, but it in fact it was offline longer that it has now been online.

After going through all the stages of initial excitement, hope, frustration, acceptance, patience and perseverance, it finally worked! Version 1.0 is now available online: https://www.plinths.co.uk/plinth-display-configurator


Mix & Match and we continue

At the moment, all desired combinations can be made, whereby a new design becomes visible with every change you introduce, and you can also  have a cost estimate for your plinth or your display case, or both, immediately.

We are already very happy and we are continuing to work towards further optimization.

In those two years of the development time, new materials and options have been added to our basic range. The current goal is to make them visible in the configurator as well.

Unfortunately, the current version does not offer a 100% smooth shopping experience when placing the desired items into the shopping cart. If you wish to place your order based on your configurated design, you need to send us an email at the moment, which can be done with just a single click. We will continue working to enable our customers to place their custom-designed display plinth directly into their shopping cart.


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