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Our unique service is to be able to (quickly) manufacture bespoke displays, plinths and pedestals.

Made to measure and custom made with fast lead times!

Contact our colleague Mariana Belivanaki to discuss your requirements.

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plinth with rotating platform

When your product moves, displayed on a plinth with a built-in turntable, it cannot go unnoticed. Do you have a product that is best admired from all sides? Our plinth with a turntable is also ideal for this purpose!

The plinth is made of MDF and equipped with an turntable driven with an electric motor, which is built into the top. The turntable disc is always 10 cm smaller in diameter than the length/width of the plinth.

This product can be ordered in any bespoke size and colour.

If the plinth you are ordering is 40 x 40 cm (l x w) and smaller, a motor with a loading capacity of up to 10 kg will be installed.
If you would like to order a larger plinth, a motor with a loading capacity of up to 30 kg will be installed for stability purposes.
Finishmitred corners
Hollow or massivHollow, with mitred corners, no underside
UseOnly suitable for indoor use
Dimensionsall dimensions
Weight capacity10kg

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items