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Display cases

To draw more attention to your artwork or product, or to better protect it, you may want to add an acrylic cube or a glass hood to your display. We call this a display case or a protective hood/cover.

We offer a number of options: an acrylic hood or a glass display case, possibly with a door or a drawer, a display case with integrated LEDs and a door or a round display case. Thanks to the UV-gluing method that we use, the bonds/seamwork of our display cases are super strong and very clear.

If you are looking for a lightweight and completely transparent material, a Plexiglas / acrylic display case is your perfect option. If you go for a more luxury look and require a scratch-resistant material, then a glass display case would be the best choice for your purposes.

If you order both a plinth and a display case from us, we will attach a complimentary top plate of the same colour to the plinth. The hood fits exactly over this top plate, which protects the display and allows the display case to stay in its place if accidentally pushed.

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