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The possibilities for modifications of a basic plinth are virtually endless with Solits. We often receive questions regarding saving space, or creating extra storage space, or adding LED ligting. Through customers’ questions and demand, a number of display columns have been included into our basic range.

This is how a cabinet plinth - a practical space-saving base - came into existance. We manufacture white cabinet plinths as well as black cabinet plinths, both in matt and in high-gloss finish. This cabinet stand can be also manufactured with a display case and a drawer, as you can see under the “showcase plinth white and black” category on our website.

We sell plinths in combination with an acrylic display case and LED spots so often that we decided to create a separate product - the “Plinth-Cover-Led Combo”.

In general, the majority non-basic products or various product combinations can be found under this category: pedestals with a turntable, sanitising stands, space dividers or a plinth with a video screen, the LED cube display.

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