Battery pack for LEDs (without lights)

Unique and only available at Solits: your display plinth with LED lights can now run on a battery. This battery pack, which we install inside the required plinth, will mean that you can now do your trade fair or presentation without requiring a mains socket nearby. When the battery is charged it will supply 80 Watt-hours. For instance when you use two of our LED lights of 1W, you can use them for approx. 80 / (2 x 1) = 40 hours on one battery charge. The battery is easily charged again at your premises with the supplied cable. The LED lights can be switched on and off with a switch.

This article does not include LED lights; these can be ordered separately so you can decide the required number and type of LED lights. Please look here for our range of LED lights.

We fully install this battery pack ready to go in your required display plinth. We only supply this pack together with a plinth. This is not sold separately.

If a battery is not used for a long period of time, deep discharge can occur, rendering the battery unusable (it may loose its charging capacity, or even leak). Make sure that you store the battery charged, and also fully charge it once every 6 months. This prevents deep discharge.

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