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Our unique service is to be able to (quickly) manufacture bespoke displays, plinths and pedestals.

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mooring post

As the name suggests, this mooring post plinth is made from a mooring post, which will have been used in the water ways for 30 to 60 years. It is very likely that your mooring post have been located near a bridge in The Netherlands or in a harbour in Germany. Mooring posts are generally made of Basralocus wood or sometimes Demerara Greenheart wood. No two mooring posts are alike. Some show traces where boats have been moored up against them, while others still show markings from the harbour, and some even still have shells attached. Some posts will contain holes where screws and bolts have been attached or some have large gashes. And at this moment all plinths with dimensions: 20 x 20cm (LxW) contain a hole which will be filled by us with cork (see photo). In short, no two mooring posts are the same!.

The pedestals made from old mooring posts can be used indoor and outdoor. We can cut the height to exact dimensions, however the stated length and width may vary from the exact stated dimensions (max 5%). All mooring posts have a perpendicular cut upper and under side.

FinishPerpendicularly cut, untreated, supplied with plastic furniture feet
Hollow or massivsolid
UseSuitable for both indoor and outdoor use
DimensionsThe dimensions of the product can deviate up to 5% from the listed dimensions, for both the length as well as the width dimensions.
Weight capacityunlimited

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
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